How to Make 3D Photo Reel in CapCut Pro | 3D Photo Effect

Hey, guys when we are bored then, we use Social Media for leaving boredom. Basically, I use Instagram to keep entertain myself. I am scrolling the Instagram Feed and I saw that some viral videos in 3D Photo Reel. In those videos, I saw the 3D Photo Effects with Slow Motion.

Recently, 3D Photo Reel Videos goes trending and liked by millions of people. In this video, A solo model exists in the image and having the blurred background that motion reversely direction. This kind of Video is called 3D Photo Reels.

If you are interested to make or edit a video like this, then read this article till the end. In this article, I have shared a simple tutorial for Making a 3D photo reel video using CapCut Pro.

Here I am sharing the basic needs to make a 3D Photo Reel:

  1. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) App - Click Here to Download
  2. CapCut Pro (Video Editing) App - Click Here to Download
  3. A Medium or High-quality Photo with a Solo Model
  4. Make sure your internet connection is working properly

Note: I request you to that fulfill all the above needs before making or editing 3D photo reels.

How to Make 3D Photo Reel Video in CapCut Pro?

Download Turbo VPN App: -

  1. Go to Google Play Store and search for "Turbo VPN"
  2. Click on Turbo VPN
  3. Tap Install button
  4. Allow permissions and accept them
  5. Wait for the installation of the App.

Note: If you have no Google Play Store account or facing any issue, then click here to download Turbo VPN.

Download and Install CapCut Pro App: -

  1. Go to and navigate the menu
  2. Click on the Download Menu
  3. Choose the version that compatible with your Android Version
  4. Confirm the download app
  5. When downloading is complete go for App installation
  6. Follow the regular installation process

Start Making 3D Photo Reel Video using Capcut Pro: -

  1. Turn on Internet Connection and Open Turbo VPN App.
  2. Now choose Servers Like US, Singapore, and Canada except India.
  3. Open the Capcut Pro App.
  4. Click on New Project and Select a high-quality image.
  5. Now scroll right to the bottom scroll bar and find Format.
  6. Enter in the Format and Select 9:16 Frame Ratio.
  7. Now just Zoom your image without leaving the format option (You can add more images to make a better video).
  8. Then, Delete the last layer of Capcut Pro Outro.
  9. Now go back to starting point of the video.
  10. Now tap on the first image of the video and find the "Style" option.
  11. Now tap on "3D Zoom Effect" and click apply.
  12. Apply "3D Zoom Effect" on all next photos.
  13. Now Add an Audio to sync with your whole photos. (Click here to download the dedicated audio for 3D Reel Video Editing)
  14. Now Click on Add Audio and select "Extracted".
  15. Select the Audio that you want to add.
  16. Now sync the audio beats with your images.
  17. Extend the photo duration to around 3 seconds.
  18. Match the beats perfectly and review them.
  19. Finally, it's time to export the 3D Photo Reel video.
  20. Select the Video Quality and tap Export.
  21. Wait for Video Export is Done.
  22. Now you can share your 3D Photo Reel Video with your friends or Instagram.

For Video Tutorial Watch Below Video:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

1. Why using Turbo VPN before Edit Videos in Capcut Pro?

Because, the Video Effects, Styles and Layer is works differently with respect to countries that's why we use Turbo VPN to change the original IP with Foreign Countries like US, Singapore and Canada. Also, You can use other suitable VPN. For Capcut Pro, no matter what VPN you are using.

2. Not sure how to edit a video?

Don't Worry, you can watch above Video Tutorial to better understanding.

3. Why we use 9:16 Frame Ratio?

Because, 9:16 is the fullscreen frame rate of average smartphone and it's look attractive and cool.


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