The Green Screen Tutorial (Step by Step) For CapCut

How can you use Green Screen on Capcut on your own? What does it take to learn Chroma Key and Capcut for Green Screen? How do you know what works so that you don't waste your time on tasks that aren't important to the Green Screen?

This comprehensive Green Screen tutorial will give you all the answers.

Green Screen involves shooting a person or object in front of a solid green color. Then, removing this color by using video editing software like CapCut in order to make stunning visual effects. If this process referred to removing background then it is called "Chroma Key".

It's not an easy job but Capcut provides you the easiest Green Screen Editing feature called Chrom Key.

So, if you are new to Capcut and don’t know from where to start or where to spend your time and energy, get a cup of coffee, take a deep breath and get ready to teach yourself Green Screen on Capcut!

How to use Green Screen in Capcut?

Unfortunately, Chroma key feature is not available for IOS users. This tutorial is only for Android Users.

Make sure you have downloaded up to date version of the Capcut Pro app. If you want to update Capcut "Click Here".

This video is taken from Collin Michael's youtube channel. This channel is administrated by Collin Michael and provides Smartphone and Video editing tutorials. So if you like this tutorial then go to their channel and subscribe to his channel.

Green Screen is one of the great features of Capcut that is easy to use. You can use it for removing or changing the background from a video. Just Select a Background video and put an overlay video. Now use the Chroma key tool and choose a solid green background from the overlay you want to change or remove. When Capcut AI detected objects and backgrounds, then adjust the intensity between both of them and export your video.

Use Chroma Key and Remove Background in Capcut

  • Launch the Capcut Pro app on your Android Device.
  • Tap on "New Project".
  • Select the Background Video clip.
  • Add a Green Screen video as an overlay.
  • Then, click on the overlay and select the "Remove Background" option.
  • Capcut will automatically remove the Green Screen background from the overlay.
  • Now, you have used the Green Screen or Chroma key in Capcut.
  • Export your video and share it.

If you prefer Video Tutorial on Green Screen or Chroma Key in Capcut, then watch the above step-by-step video tutorial.


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